Updates and Changes for 2016

Happy New Year!  We are finally caught up from our holiday break and we are back to normal shipping times - just in time for a new product release.  With this release comes some updates to the store that are necessary.

1) Postage - The USPS increased postage rates on January 17.  To keep up with the postage increase, we are increasing our handling fee per order.  As of this posting, US customers will be charged a $2.00 per order handling fee.  International Customers will be charged a $3.00 USD per order handling fee.  

2) New Store Policy of "no refund of handling fees" - We will not refund handling fees on request to combine multiple orders into one package.  We will not combine orders into one package unless requested.

3) International customers include phone numbers - Please make sure a phone number is included with your account information.  The USPS has updated their customs forms to include phone numbers, so the local postal service may call you, if needed to claim your package.

A reminder to all customers to check your account information or your order confirmation e-mails.  Please make certain your shipping addresses are completely correct (including spelling, spacing, numbers, etc.).  Make sure the PayPal did not change the shipping address unexpectedly.  If we have to ship an order again because an address was incorrect, we will request payment via PayPal of actual postage to resend the order (Per Store Policies since last year).

Any further questions on Store Policies, please read them HERE. And feel free to e-mail store@boardgamegeek.com with questions.

Happy Shopping!
Joni & Kristine
BoardGameGeek Store