Welcome to the New BoardGameGeek Store!

As the title of this blog post says, welcome to the new BoardGameGeek Store!  Back when we first started this endeavor, we had no idea how popular our little promo store could get, but over the years it has really exploded, both with you, our awesome users, and with the great publishers that provide these promos!  Due to this popularity, we decided to make an upgrade to the look and feel of the store. Thank you kindly for not pointing out how not-awesome the old store was, but greener pastures are now here!

Hopefully, you will find this new store much easier on the eyes, as well as easier to navigate and use.  I know we dig it, and we hope you will as well!

This blog is where we will be publishing all news related to the BoardGameGeek Store, so keep an eye on it for news of our latest offerings.  Until the next update, happy shopping to you all, and even happier gaming!