Wizard's Brew: Mystical Expansion


The Spell cards are at the heart of the game Wizard’s Brew. Each of these special expansion sets of Spell Cards generates the Element cards shown on the Spell cards. This phase takes only a few seconds while you select these powerful Element cards.

You then use these Element cards to bid on and collect Ingredients. The race to collect Ingredients is the goal of the game! To increase the strategy and 
interactivity between the players, there are Spell cards that let you bid extra cards or different cards. There are also Spell cards that let you change the rules of the bidding. So you need to maneuver to get the right Spells at the right time and to be in the right Area of the board to take advantage of the Spells you control.

The Mystical Expansion Spell Cards allow players a good deal more influence over Energy Cubes of their own as well as those of other players. Sleight of Hand and Chosen One are bidding (Blue) Spell cards that are especially powerful to take over auctions and really make Ingredients in your Cauldron pile up fast!