The Next Great American Game DVD

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The documentary film follows Randall Hoyt on his quest to publish The Next Great American Game. From the crowded halls of Gen Con to the back rooms of Toy Fairs in Chicago and New York, Randall enthusiastically pitches his games to publishers large and small. Back home, he continues to refine his game with a small group of play testers and work long hours on his computer -- cutting cardboard and bits.

Randall's unbridled enthusiasm in the face of adversity and his wry observations about the board game industry itself make this a viewing treat.

In his Forrest Gump like journey, Randall pitches to industry giant MayFair Games, meets former Hasbro exec Mike Gray, accosts Steve Jackson on a convention floor, and has a chance encounter with decision makers at USAOpoly with unexpected results.

It includes hours of extras including interviews with industry greats: Jackson, Moon, Knizia, Leacock, Lang and Teuber. Special interview with Dr. Mary Flanagan, Tiltfactor Labs.