Karesansui: Weeds


Karesansui: Weeds, an expansion for Karesansui, puts an extra challenge in your effort to tend the Masters' rock gardens and create pleasing arrangements of stones.

During set-up, place the five wooden weed tokens in the bag along with the stones. When drawing stones from the bag, if you draw a weed, place it with the pile of rocks that you're currently assembling for bid. If you win a weed along with rocks, you wait for everyone to place their rocks in their gardens, then you place the weed in another player's garden. During scoring, a player receives one demerit card for each weed in his garden.

If a player places a rock in the garden where a weed is located, he removes the weed in place of the rock. Alternatively, if a player passes during bidding, he can remove all of the weeds in his garden. In either case, removed weeds are placed into the bag once again. You just can't get rid of them forever!

Contains 5 wooden "weeds" tokens and 20 "weeds" demerit cards, all valued 1.

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/148053/karesansui-weeds