Heroes Wanted: Kickstarter Promo Pack


This 18 card shrink-wrapped promo pack for Heroes Wanted was originally given to all Kickstarter backers. These cards offer more complexity, variety, and interesting mechanics and abilities.

The pack consists of the following cards:

- 4 Hero A cards: Blade, Hunk, Penguin, and Unicorn

- 4 Hero B cards: Action, Captain, Ever-Changin', and Promo

- 3 Villain A cards: Fang, Skull, and Skunk

- 3 Villain B cards: Franken-, Professor, and Rabid

- 4 Quirk cards: Inflated Ego, Yoga Enthusiast, and 2 blank quirks for individual customization.

For more information: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/169252/heroes-wanted-kickstarter-promo-pack