Argent: Promo Pack 1


Promo Pack #1 consists of three cards all labeled Promo Pack #1 in white text at the bottom

Toltan the Bard is a neutral Supporter card with a Fast Action that allows you to return one of your treasures to the bottom of the Vault deck to gain 4 IP.

Crystal Skull is a consumable Vault card that costs 2 coins. It has a Fast Action that lets you learn a spell from the tableau without spending INT, placing this card on it. It can never be researched further.

Ancient Tablet is a Treasure that costs 4 coins. It has an Action that allows you to move one of your mages on the board to any empty slot.

Note: This product will also contain a promo for Secrets of the Lost Tomb, 3 Epic Bosses, that was packaged together with the Argent promo.

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